Shu Wen Chuang
Senior Hair/Makeup Artist From Taiwan


Major in Cosmetic Science and Management. Accumulated years of experience in the field of wedding styling in Taipei.


A few years ago, Shu Wen met a newly-wed couple from Singapore who were traveling and having their wedding photoshoot in Taiwan. Happily served by Shu Wen, she was then invited to Singapore and Malaysia several times to contribute her great service and skills to the bride's girlfriends and sisters.


During these multiple visits to Singapore, Shu Wen was deeply touched by the atmosphere when all the guests toasted "Yum Seng!" at the wedding reception. From her description, the boiling moment of the passion was even higher than the local temperature! The heartfelt feeling from different cultural weddings and the sincere connection between people is Shu Wen's lifelong mission as a wedding and makeup stylist, for Taiwan or anywhere in the world.


In terms of fashion information, overall styling and accessories, various skin care, manicure details and customized dressing consultation for individuals, Shu Wen is committed to always provide her top and professional service to every bride and gloom on their biggest life event.


With over 10+ years of extensive experiences as a makeup artist and stylist, covering wedding, dinner & dance party, business functions, runway makeup, etc. 



  • Senior makeup artist @ LinLi Wedding Boutique

  • Senior makeup artist @ Western Design Wedding Gowns & Photography 

  • Senior makeup artist @ CH WEDDING 

  • Senior makeup artist @ Kerway Studio 

  • Store manager @ Linwei Wedding Dresses


     Tel: +6591820572  |  msrouge@outlook.sg

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Tel : +6591820572    |   msrouge@outlook.sg