FAQ For The Brides

It is common for the bride to finally feel relaxed until the end of the wedding. The process is full of never-ending and tedious hassles. In the search for the most suitable stylist alone, it has already taken most of your energy. Here at Ms Rouge, we understand this anxious and uncomfortable mood. Therefore, we prepared some frequently asked questions for you to ease your mind as below:

Q: Upon setting the wedding date, how do I go about getting a suitable stylist?


You may receive many recommendations or information through friends and the internet. It is very important for you to take up the trial session and face to face discussion to confirm the artist who suits your needs and liking. Is advisable to have your trial sessions as early as possible, in order to have ample time to decide and find the right one for yourself.


Q: It's almost half a year before the wedding, how should I take care of the skin to keep it in a good condition?


Continue your current skin care routine, do focus on sunscreen and moisturize.


▲ Reminder


 If you are having ongoing laser treatment, please stop it 3 months before your actual wedding day. It is not advisable to seek "traditional secret receipt" to your skin problem, it may work otherwise. DO NOT change any skin care products one month before the wedding day to prevent any allergic reaction or pigmentation. All skin SPA or facial should stop 2 weeks before the wedding day, to allow skin healing and recovering.

Q: The Wedding is near, how should I cut/trim my hair? How do I select the appropriate color for my hair?

Short hair – try to keep your hair to shoulder length for hair styling. Advice not to have any hair extension, it may look awkward based on our experience. For Bride who has a very stylish short haircut, do not worry, just keep it like it is! Long hair – in order to achieve a better look, hair must have layering. Advice to keep your hair length not longer than the waist, and fringe not above the eyebrow. Bride with bangs may have a limited choice of hairstyle. Hair color – you may choose flaxen color or maroon color for a better result if you like ‘messy’ look or braid hairstyle. You may need to discuss the need of blench with your hair stylist. Black hair will suit classy, elegant look or retro look.

Q: How about my gel nails designs?


Nude color will be able to match all gowns! You may choose any stones and drawing design depending on your gowns. We Suggest you keep your stones decoration to the minimal as they may hook on you gown laces etc.


Q: Do I need eyelash extension?


No! we will choose the lashes base on your liking! Please remove your eyelash extension before the actual day. As we need to change or adjust your eye make up as necessary anytime during the day. Eyelash extension will drop when we do the adjustment or change, and it may look very messy, this will affect a lot on your overall look! We apply the fake lashes of your choice stalk by stalk to achieve the best result!




Every tiny detail is important! A good makeup artist should be able to answer all your doubts and advise you accordingly. Helping you to look stunning on your actual day, beautify your flaws and enhance your beauty! May all beautiful ladies out there find a suitable makeup artist for themselves.

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