DO's & DONT's For Your Big Day (1 Week Before)

  • Do not apply any new skin care products which you have never used before.

  • Do not engage in any facial or aesthetic service.

  • Continue daily skin care routine in more details (day and night), focus on skin moisturizing care (apply moisturizer after facial mask for better result)

  • Leave your eyebrow to us!

  • Remove body hair one day before.

  • Apply a generous layer of lip balm or Vaseline daily before sleep. Use a warm towel to wipe off dead skin gently in the morning.

  • Cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly the night before the actual day. You may apply some hair moisturizer on hair ends, but do not use any hair conditional.

  • If you do not have any contact lens wearing experience before, you may purchase a week worth of daily disposal contact lens. In order for you to be comfortable with the contact lens, you may start wearing them one to two hours a day and slowly increase the hours. You may discuss with us on your choice of color contact lens or enlarge effect contact lens.

  • Please ensure the adhesiveness of your Nubra or Wingbra. It is advised to prepare an extra set of nubra or wingbra. As well as skin color adhesive tape for standby.


  • You may apply body lotion on the rest of your body except your breast area. Body lotion will affect the adhesiveness of nubra.

  • Minizine your water consumption before sleep, to prevent water retention of face in the next morning.

  • Please get your makeup corner ready, with big mirror, chair and table. Is advisable to set your makeup corner with good lighting (natural light/ white lighting). It will not be easy to move around after you don on your gown, therefore please ensure the surrounding is clear with nothing laying around.

  • Please wear a full front button shirt or a jacket on your actual day morning without any bra for your make up session.

  • Do keep yourself cool with air conditional, you may feel hot after wearing a thick and heavy gown.

  • Relax! Have enough rest and sleep, there will be a long day ahead! You are in good hand!

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